Sunday, January 4, 2009

Favorite Christmas Presents

My Dad is always very generous at Christmas and still buys us each a bunch of presents. Here are my favorites this year. Thanks Dad!

Aquamarine Ring

Gong - this is definitely going to work with me

Panini maker - this has already gotten lots of use


Anonymous said...

LOVE that ring, it's gorgeous! I need a gong, that could come in very handy around here LOL. Ah, that is what I forgot to put on my list! A Panini maker! Duh!

Laura said...

Is that the actual ring? If so, it's really pretty!

Patrice said...

Well, it's not a picture of the ACTUAL ring, but it's a picture from the web site. I found the ring in a jewelry store near me and then put it on my xmas list referencing the web site for the store where he could buy it.

Laura said...

Well, aquamarine is a beautiful stone. That picture makes me want one!!

Patrice said...

I'm still looking for a nice pink ring...let me know if anyone sees one!