Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Jerry Why?

I think I am already too emotionally invested in the Biggest Loser. My two favorite people, Jerry and Daniel, both fell below the yellow line this week. I was sooo hoping for Joelle to go home since she is a drain on Bob's time and bad for morale. She was at the bottom of the weigh in with a 2 pound loss until Jerry and Daniel weighed in. When the screen showed that Jerry only lost 1 pound, everyone's heart dropped. Even the host, Alison, was getting teary eyed. I had to fast forward thru the rest of his time on the scale because it was too sad. Then Daniel...he lost only 3 pounds and had a penalty...oh no. It ended up being Jerry going home. My spirits were lifted again when they showed where Jerry is now and that he had lost about 85 pounds so far! He looked really happy with his wife and grand kids. Go Jerry!

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