Monday, March 2, 2009

Jenny Craig: Week 13

I'm not sure how, but I pulled out a one pound loss this week...and then today I got on the scale again at home today and I have gone down another pound. My kitchen was demolished on Friday for the remodeling project so I'm really limited with what I can eat at home now...and I think that has turned out to help me. I can't say I've been "on plan" for a few weeks now. I certainly eat the JC some. Hopefully I'm back on track now. I'm still meandering around the same loss totals. 8.4 pounds on Jenny and 15.6 overall.

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Anonymous said...

WOW. I am seriously jealous of your progress, you've worked really hard at this. I can't find my motivation - AT ALL. Sometimes it just comes out and works great for me and other times (like now) I can't find it anywhere!