Thursday, March 12, 2009

Real Housewives Wrap Up

Season 4 of the The Real Housewives of Orange County has come and gone and my thoughts on some of the ladies has changed quite a bit. In a previous post, I commented on how excited I was for this season and how much I liked a couple of the ladies, but now I think I need to take some of that back.

Gretchen - One of the new women this season. She is 30 years old, gorgeous and engaged to a much older man (Jeff) who is wealthy and loves to spoil her. Unfortunately Jeff was also suffering from cancer and Gretchen quit her job to be able to take care of him (he passed away after the show finished taping). Gretchen likes to be the center of attention, but at the same time seems extremely kind and has a smile and demeanor that makes everyone happy. Except women who are jealous of her...and I mean you, Vicki and Tamara. The women loved to talk behind her back and question her relationship with Jeff...even though most of them never even met Jeff. Gretchen and Jeff were each in the relationship for their own reasons and they seemed to really care about each other so everyone else should just stay out of it.

Vicki - I used to really like Vicki because she has a successful business and she raised good kids (ok, Michael is a bit of a slacker, but he is a good kid and finished college). I thought she was someone to admire because she was able to do it all, but her ego seems to have gotten in the way and she is not very likable anymore. Vicki just ignored Gretchen and refused to get to know her.

Tamara - The self proclaimed "hottest housewife in Orange County"...until Gretchen came along. This really bothered Tamara that someone younger and hotter than her was on the show. Tamara pretended to be here friend and then would say nasty things behind her back and try to get Gretchen to embarrass herself. We learned that Tamara has issues with her dad because he divorced her mom when Tamara was 25 and he had little contact with them after that. I think her issues with her dad is why she looks for others to validate her...but only her looks. But really, get over it, we all have issues.

Lauri - All we hear about is how wonderful Lauri's life is since George, uber loaded George, swept her off her feet and she gets to live the "OC lifestyle" again. Lauri just couldn't be happy without a rich man to take care of her. Now she is just sooo busy with the 7 children that she couldn't be on the show anymore because she had to focus on her family. It's unclear how many of these children they actually take care of. My guess is 1. She's done a bang up job with that too given that Josh is in jail for using and selling heroin.

Jeaana - I feel bad for Jeanna because she has been completely broken down emotionally and the fire isn't there anymore. She finally separated from her husband, which is a good thing since all he ever did was put her down. But now she needs to build up her confidence again and believe she is worth being treated well. Even her kids treat her like crap, thanks to the example their dad gave them their entire lives.

Lynn - The other new housewife this season. I am not sure what to think of Lynn because most of her story was focused on her spoiled bratty children...Raquel and Alexis. Raquel graduated high school a year and a half ago and still does school, no job, just loafs around and lives off her parents. I am not a parent, so I shouldn't judge, but Lynn was more concerned about being friends with her daughters (and being able to share clothes with them) then being a parent. I didn't love her or hate her.

It will be interesting to see who comes back for the next season...

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