Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I always have a blanket on me when sitting on the couch at home no matter what the temperature is. I just have different blankets for different seasons. Blankets gives me comfort for some reason. I am sure everyone has seen the infomercial for Snuggie, the blanket with arms. My husband teases me that I should get one, but I'd be way too embarrassed. Who knew these things would take off! They have sold over 4 million Snuggies!!! Now people are starting Snuggie Pub Crawls which I think is a brilliant idea! This is perfect for people who want to go out with friends and be comfortable and don't really care how they look. My friend and I were recently talking about how we wish there were separate dance floors in clubs for people looking to hook up and people who just want to dance...can't imagine that would be very popular though. Wearing a Snuggie to a bar would definitely give the message that you are not on the prowl.

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