Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 Grammys

A dress code memo?  No flesh?  This is the Grammy's!  It is supposed to be the best outfits and best music of the awards season.  I thought both missed the mark.  Or am I just too difficult to please these days? 

My favorite moment of the show was J.Lo's entrance with the massive slit.  Then her comment about how she "got the memo" and then the other guy said she "inspired the memo".

Did anyone else notice Beyonce's reaction to J.Lo?  She was like "whaaaat...I could have worn that?".  Instead she chose pants...yes, the Grammy's.  I realize Middle America Mothers Against Leotards (MAMAL) did not appreciate her Super Bowl attire, but there is something in between a PETA hating snake/iguana skin leotard and a pants suit that you would wear to lunch.  It's called a dress.

My other beef with the Grammys, and music in general these days, is what happened to the rock stars?  Ugly, skinny guys who know how to play a guitar???  I can't say I'm in love with any of the music this year.  Johnny Depp was the only guy there who actually looked like a rock star...except for the bad self tanner.  Ok, maybe he's part pirate, part rock star.

Most beautiful goes to Carrie Underwood. She looked better on TV than in this picture. 

I did not enjoy her movie screen dress though during her performance.  I prefer when they let her be feisty.

Most annoying goes to Taylor Swift.  I thought she was maturing but now I take that all back.  And I am seriously questioning her singing ability as well.

What were your most memorable moments of the Grammys?


Laura said...

J Lo looks asian in that picture! I missed the grammys but enjoy checking out the pictures in people. Johnny Depp looks horrible!

Patrice said...

I taped it and watched only pieces while fast forwarding thru the rest.