Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hanna poured rain down on us all day. The wind did not pick up until later in the day, but it wasn't bad. Storms like this will definitely point out any problems with a house. We had two issues today. The first being a problem with one of the gutters and it caused water to come in a window. The second is a bigger issue. A while back I noticed water stains on the ceiling of one of the bedrooms, but couldn't trace the cause. I checked it after other rains and it wouldn't get wet again. Well, today was the day to figure it out since the ceiling was very wet and starting dripping into the room. I spent about an hour in the attic tracing the water. I still don't know exactly what the problem is, so I need to call a roofer, but now I can say where it is coming in. My husband put a couple holes in the ceiling of the bedroom with buckets underneath to catch the water until we can get it fixed. We didn't lose power and no trees came down so all in all it wasn't bad.

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