Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Grocery Store Pet Peeves

Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite things to do. Here are my pet peeves

1. People who grab around or over you instead of just saying, "excuse me".

2. Check out people who want to talk more than ring me up. I've been in this store for an hour and I still have to put bags in the car, take bags out of the car and put everything away at home. Please just get on with it. And don't stop and look at my stuff for your future purchases.

3. People who have a coffee in their hand the entire time and think of grocery shopping as a social event.

4. People who stop and talk with another person and block the entire aisle.

5. When the store decides to rearrange everything. Why?!?!?

6. People who eat samples of produce and bin's not free.

7. The top shelf. I'm short.

8. Food that is past its expiration date and still on the shelf. I shouldn't have to check it, but I do.

9. Meat that expires today.

10. Check out people that only put a couple things in a bag. I'd rather have less heavy bags than a bunch of light bags.

11. Those giant carts with a car attached for kids to sit in. They are just way too big.

12. The posts in front that prevent me from brining the cart to my car. I prefer to shop in the next county over to avoid this.

13. People who need all kinds of samples at the deli counter before buying what they came for.


MizFit said...

amen on number 11.
and Im even the woman pushing that behemoth around or my daughter has a hissy fit and no groceries end up purchased.

if they werent there Id be a happier mama :)


Anonymous said...

I just saw this list today, I don't know how I missed it. I could have easily written this. Kevin and I have experienced EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things at the store! ARGH. Last week I told him I need to order groceries online from now on...