Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

I am excited for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. Last season I wasn't interested in any of the "stars" so I only watched a couple episodes. They are trying to shake things up this season with having "wild" people and real life couples. Here is the cast for this season.

Belinda Carlisle - Lead singer of the Go Go's, who I loved when I was a kid. She has also released a number of solo albums, but she will always be from the Go Go's to me. I'm worried that her face is looking a little like Priscilla Presley's though with too much plastic surgery. She is a former bad girl turned Buddhist.

Denise Richards - Oh my, how do I describe her? Actress??? Model??? Reality star??? Charlie Sheen's ex??? Husband stealer??? I can't stand her and hope she goes early.

Jewel - I am surprised to see Jewel on this. Although she is not a huge star, I think she is a bit above most of the people on the show in terms of level of celebrity...however, my guess is that it is for her husband.

Ty Murray - Jewel's husband...oh, and a "bull riding superstar". Hmm...never heard of this guy, but it goes along with the "love is a battlefield" theme for this season...ooh, they should have had Pat Benatar and her husband instead!

Shawn Johnson - Olympic gymnast..the one who didn't win the all around gold medal...ok, ok, but she did win other medals. I'd rather see Nastia Luikin who is more graceful. I like Shawn, but she is very short (4'10") and stocky so I worry about how she will dance with a partner and look graceful.

Lil' Kim - Rapper best known for her crazy, revealing outfits and wigs...and went she to jail. She was also the "secret lover" of Notorious B.I.G., so I guess opposites do attract. She falls into the "wild" category for the year.

Steve O - Crazy stunt guy from Jackass and Wildboyz. He is known to have problems with drugs, alcohol, beating people up, and mental illness. Definitely fits the "wild" category. We'll see if he's able to stay clean to get through the show.

Chuck Wicks - Apparently a country singer...who is partnering with his girlfriend Julianne Hough. She is really good and has won twice so I think he has an advantage.

David Allen Grier - An actor...I honestly do not know who this guy is.

Gilles Marini - An actor best known for being the hot guy next door to Samantha in the Sex and the City movie.

Nancy O'Dell - Access Hollywood host. She seems a little too boring for this season.

Steve Wozniak - Founded Apple with Steve Jobs and is a Silicon Valley icon. I don't really get this choice since there are so many people who want to be on the show. His only tie in to a "star" is that he used to date Kathy Griffin.

Lawrence Taylor (LT) - Retired hall of fame football player. He has a long history with drugs, alcohol and hookers, but has since cleaned up.

That's all 13 of them. Hopefully they won't disappoint!

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