Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jenny Craig: Week 12

I had another bad week, but I lost some of the weight I gained the week before. My official JC weigh in today was up 2.2 pounds...that is a two week total. I accepted it and just wanted to move on, but the consultant I saw today wouldn't let it go. I couldn't get an appointment with my normal consultant so I had a different person today. She was determined to "figure this out". I told her exactly what the problem was...I was stressed and ate too much. I snacked and ate when I wasn't hungry. No big mystery, but I had to sit there for a half an hour and analyze everything with her. Ugh. I just wanted out of there. I woke up today with a bad sore throat and I really just wanted to weigh in, get my food and leave. I wish the consultants would just accept I knew what I did wrong and move on rather than trying to fix me. I realize that is what they are there to do, but I know what I did. I didn't go in there thinking I did everything right and then gained weight. Honestly, I was happy it was only 2.2 pounds. So here are the totals...7.4 pounds on Jenny and 14.6 overall.

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