Thursday, May 28, 2009

California Dreamin

dollar sign Pictures, Images and PhotosI'm looking for ideas on how to make some extra cash. Does anyone have ideas for something as a side job? I've been lucky enough to keep my job, however raises and bonuses have been cut out. My husband and I really want to move back to California, but have become accustomed to living in a nice home in a nice neighborhood. We don't want our standard of living to decrease once we move so we would need to buy a more expensive home in California which requires a larger down payment than the money we would get out of our current home. To save up the cash we either need to make more or spend less. We just finished remodeling our kitchen and are considering doing the same for our master bathroom. I know this sounds like a contradiction since I'm looking to save cash, but given the current real estate market, I think these things need to be done in our house in order for it to sell. Anyway....if anyone has any ideas on what I could do (legal, of course) to make extra cash, please let me know! I've tried looking on craigslist and online, but everything seems like a scam. I'm not looking to get rich quick by sitting at home doing nothing. I'm considering the pet bakery again, but that would require a bit of start up money and who knows if I would make any money, or even recoup my investment.

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