Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pink Wins Again

Who would have thought Helen would win the Biggest Loser? Not me! A woman has won the last three seasons now and all have been from the pink team. Helen was also the smallest person to start so you would think that she would be at a disadvantage, but she got down to 117! Amazing. However more amazing than that was Jerry winning the at home prize. I wrote about Jerry long ago at the beginning of the season when he was voted out in week 2. I thought he looked great then, but who knew he would end up losing 47%. Yay for Jerry! Also, Mike looked incredible. It's great that he got his weight under control at the age of 18 rather than waiting. I was sure Tara was going to win until she came out and it was clear she hadn't lost much more weight since the last weigh in. She did great, but it wasn't enough to win. Congrats to are an inspiration!

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