Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Open Letter to my Cat

Beware, this may be TMI for some.

Dear Minky,

You have grown into quite a nice cat and are a part of our family. Long gone is the runt kitten who wouldn't turn his back to us at any time because you didn't trust us. You are funny, soft, quirky and a pleasure to be around. I especially liked how you came and sat with me in bed when I was at one of my worst points with pain. You were quite the little prince while we had company, sitting next to my dad and getting him to feed you cheese even though he claims to hate cats. Now...I beg you...PLEASE STOP EATING DENTAL FLOSS. Also, plastic, tape and ribbon aren't good ideas either. You usually end up throwing it up eventually, but this last time that did not happen and the way I had to remove it from you was quite disgusting. Please don't make me do that again. I also don't want you to get sick because we like having you around.

Mrs. Jeeves

PS: There is a lid on the bathroom trash can now so please do not find something else to eat instead.


lnnajman said...

Wow, good thing it came out. I've taken many a cat to surgery for dental floss ingestion!

Anonymous said...

Funny that we had the same idea within a day of each other and I never saw this until today! Your poor baby :)