Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Holiday Weekend Plans

Here are 13 things I plan on doing this long holiday weekend

1. Enjoy the nice weather that has finally arrived

2. Sit on the deck and enjoy the flowers my husband planted last weekend

3. Have dinner with my husband at a restaurant overlooking a scenic river on Sunday evening

4. Go shopping for a new dress to wear to dinner on Sunday

5. Grill some meat and eat outside

6. Leave work early on Friday

7. Paint the front porch

8. Drink some wine or cocktails

9. Go for a walk every day

10. Play with my cats since they haven't had much attention lately

11. Try to get caught up a little on my chores & errands that need to be done

12. Clean the house (boooo!)

13. Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes

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