Monday, October 19, 2009

Sleepy Sleepy

I think I have been tired my entire life. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person and like to sleep in. No matter how much I sleep, I never feel refreshed. I'm usually pretty low energy which makes some people think of me as lazy, which I find insulting. Back when I was younger and it was popular to have those yellow signs in car windows (baby on board, etc), my mom wanted to get one that said, "have daughter, will sleep". I have talked to doctors before about this and have been blown off being told there is nothing wrong with me or my problems are emotional. Well, I finally got someone to take me seriously and I had a sleep study done a couple weeks ago. I have been wanting this for years now. Little did I know how awful the test would be. I had to go to a sleep center over night and be hooked up to all sorts of electrodes and other contraptions. The picture here is not me, but gives you the idea of what it's like. Years of wanting this...then I couldn't sleep! I was so uncomfortable and I could hear noises from the hall and the next room. When the technician came in for me at 5:15am, I asked him if I slept at all and he said, "you slept enough." I do not look like the typical person who has sleep apnea since it's usually an older overweight man (no offense anyone...). The sleep technician even questioned why I was there. But the results are in, and I do in fact have sleep apnea. I stop breathing and wake up on average 15 time per hour and during REM sleep 30 times per hour. This means I'm waking up the most during the most important time of the sleep cycle. I'm going to have to get a CPAP to see if that will help. There is also the option of a dental device, which I'll explore as well. I have to wait a month for my next appointment though to get started with getting a CPAP set up. Stay tuned...and look out world...I'm about to wake up!!!!

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