Monday, October 19, 2009

The Visit

All went well with my dad's visit from California. The weather here couldn't have been worse though! It was raining and about 40 degrees the entire time he was here. This is really not normal for Virginia this time of the year. Good thing there were lots of good sporting events on TV as that kept us occupied for a while. It was nice having the giant plasma on the wall for everyone to watch. The highlight of the trip was once again the wine tour. We hired a driver and went to 4 wineries about an hour from here where it's really scenic. The biggest surprise though was that one of them had 3 inches of snow!!! Not good for the grapes at all...but we kind of laughed about it because that particular winery was very rude to us and we left before even tasting. They kept making us wait for no good reason and not serving after about 15 minutes, we just left. The next place we went to couldn't have been nicer so we made the right decision. Our house was an absolute mess up until the day dad arrived since we had been working on the family room. I was up late every night since I got back from Vegas working on it and even forgot to eat some meals...something I never do! My dad left this morning and now I'm more relaxed with my normal life back. Oh...and of course it was a bright sunny day today...

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