Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - If I Won the Lottery

Here are thirteen things I would do if I won the lottery. A big lottery!

1. Scream and maybe cry

2. Get my phone number unlisted

3. Set up a high interest account for the money to be deposited into

4. Quit my job

5. Sell my house

6. Move back to California and buy a house either on the ocean or with a view of the ocean

7. Spend more time with my dad (he lives in CA)

8. Pay off my brother's mortgage

9. Have a huge party in Vegas with all my friends

10. Take an extended vacation, probably to Australia

11. Buy an impractical car

12. Do some volunteer work

13. Relax and enjoy life

1 comment:

Chelle Y. said...

I would do some of the same things if I won too.