Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - To Do List

Here are thirteen projects I have been thinking about doing for a while.

1. Open a pet bakery business. I have been toying with names and making test products, but that is it so far. Right now I'm thinking the name will be Pet Paradise Bakery...thoughts? All the other names I could think of already had the domain names taken.

2. Paint the basement. I put samples colors all over one of the walls, so I have to paint it as some point now.

3. Organize paperwork. I have huge stacks of bills, receipts, etc that need to be either filed, shredded or thrown away.

4. Update my home inventory list for insurance purposes.

5. Create a home emergency kit. A recent power outage and severe weather made me realize how unprepared we are.

6. Clean up the bookcases in the office. I started reading books again about 2 years ago and now the bookcases are overflowing.

7. Buy furniture for the living room and family room. The furniture we have is old and uncomfortable.

8. Organize my recipes in either in Master Cook or some sort of filing system so I can find recipes when I need them instead of sifting through the stacks of paperwork they get thrown in with (see # 3).

9. Clean out my closet. There is a bunch of stuff I have not worn for years.

10. Print pictures for my photo albums. All my pictures are digital now so they mostly live on the computer, but I still love looking through photo albums and I am a couple years behind in getting pictures printed.

11. Finish writing my vacation trip report. We got back a few weeks ago and I am still writing it. I will probably forget everything by the time I am done with it.

12. Plant flowers. This one is partially done. I have planted some in pots, but still need to do the beds.

13. Paint the porch. I finished this one last weekend! It was broiling hot, but I finally got it done...just wanted to be able to say I have accomplished something.


Picturing of Life said...

I also love doing no. 10. I still have to plak it the photos to my album photo as well :D

Mine in here Thanks

Laura said...

I'm tired just reading your list! We're finally moved into our house (okay minus the ten boxes still unpacked) and I think I'm exhausted for the next few months. I can't even bring myself to hang stuff on the walls yet. It's too much effort!

Bobbi Jo said...

Since you said you have to update your home inventory for insurance purposes, that means you've already created one. Great job! I live in California now (you said you are from California). It is really frightening this year with how dry we are and the wild fires already popping up. More people need to understand the importance of having a home inventory.

Bobbi Jo