Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Triathlon and a Power Outage

What a morning! I was woken up early this morning by a whistle and people cheering. I looked to see what time it was and the clock was not working. Turns out there was a "widespread" power outage so I found my travel clock and it told me it was 7:30am...way too early for me to be awake on a Sunday. The cheering and whistles continued and we tried to guess what it was from. There is a park about a quarter mile away that has soccer games, but it was way to early for that and it sounded like the cheering was in our back yard. Turns out it almost was. Our house backs to a street and there was a triathlon on it this morning so a bunch of people were out there cheering on the athletes. That's great and all, but they woke me up so I was not happy. The whistle was from a police officer directing traffic so the bikers could get through the intersection. I decided to go watch with them, but I got bored after a few minutes and went back inside. I was just hoping the electricity would come on soon enough for me to be able to take a shower and dry my hair since I had plans to meet friends at 11:30 to see Sex and the City. Luckily the power came on at 10am so it all turned out ok...and Sex and the City was great!

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