Monday, September 27, 2010

Biscuits & Salad

My appetite has been really weird lately.  I'm happy to say I do have an appetite again after being so sick and nauseous for most of the winter and summer.  I went for a while where I didn't want to eat meat.  Now all I want to eat is salad with low fat ranch dressing (extra croutons) and biscuits with butter and honey.  For one day over the weekend I really wanted to some meat, but then once it was on my plate, I didn't want anymore.  Not really sure what each day will bring, but I need to go to the store and get some more biscuits.


lnnajman said...

Okay, I have different reasons for cravings but I have been obsessed with fruit. Strawberries, apples, pineapple, you name it--I'm obsessed. And it tastes so good!

Patrice said...

You have a good excuse though. That's a good thing to crave...much better than mine!