Friday, September 17, 2010

A Day of Results

So today was a day for test results. 

1. The back pain, leg/butt pain and numbness in my feet and legs being being caused by a bulging disc in my back and the disc also has a tear.  I have to be careful now not to herniate it.
2. Last week a Dr. randomly felt a lump on my thyroid so I had an ultrasound on it.  Test showed I have a goiter. 

I've taken all this pretty well and didn't let it get me down.


lnnajman said...

I hope you feel better. Does the thyroid need treatment?

Patrice said...

No treatment, the blood test was normal so it just needs to be watched.

Back is going to need epidural coritsone injections though. =(

lnnajman said...

Oh, that doesn't sound fun. Let me know how it goes--I've got my own epidural coming up...