Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall TV Season

I'm excited for the new TV season, but it seems like the new shows I want to watch are all on at the same time or at a time where I'm already taping something else. Last night I had to choose if I wanted Gossip Girl or the new show Lone Star taped so C could watch Monday Night Football (at least his team was playing). I couldn't have 2 things taping because that meant he couldn't watch anything. Our other TV's in the house are out of commission for various reasons, but I don't really watch TV in other rooms anyway.

Shows I currently watch:
Gossip Girl
The Biggest Loser
Cougar Town
Modern Family
Friday Night Lights
The Big C

New shows I want to try out:
Lone Star
No Ordinary Family
Mike & Molly

What are you watching this fall?  Anything else I should be watching?

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