Friday, September 17, 2010


I just recently got really into shoes.  I used to wear either my black shoes or my brown shoes each day.  In the winter, black boots or brown boots.  My old shoes looked really bad with my new outfits so I'm working on building up my shoe collection.  Now I'm getting compliments on my clothes and my shoes!   I have shiny pointy toe blue pumps and really high round toe grey suede pumps (my favorite!).  I still need to find some black shoes though.

I normally don't spend a lot on shoes, but I saw these fabulous Kate Spade shoes on Zappos (which I love for their fast shipping and free shipping both ways), and had to have them.  They don't quite fit right so I ordered another size and some of those inserts to prevent the foot from sliding forward.  I really hope I can get them to fit right.


JennK said...

girl shoes are always needed...these are fantastic!

Patrice said...

Jenn - I may just need to go to Jimmy Choo with you next time!