Monday, March 25, 2013

Smoothie Diet Day # 1

Day 1 of the smoothie diet started later in the day than planned because I had a doctor appointment in the morning and had to fast for blood work.  I made the first smoothie at about 11am.   The morning smoothie is a "white" smoothie, lunch is "red" and dinner is "green".  There are multiple recipes in the book for each.  I tried out my new blender and it's "smoothie" function and it worked pretty well.  There were still a few chunks, but overall much easier than the old blender. 

Apple Pie Smoothie:
Red apple
Raw almonds
Greek yogurt
Fat free milk

I did not like it.  I did not like it at all.  I tried to drink it and managed to get about half down over the course of 90 minutes and then gave up.  I like apples, but not apple juice and I have never cared for the texture of greek yogurt.  I am going to switch to regular yogurt tomorrow even though I am supposed to use greek for the high protein, but I just cannot deal with the chalky texture.

I made lunch at about 2:30pm.  I admit I am already looking forward to eating a snack so I can chew some real food.

Ruby Red Frostie:
Protein powder
Chia seeds
Water (not in recipe, but needed)

This one is tasting much better than the one this morning...probably because it is all fruit.  It takes a long time to drink one of these things though.  I guess eating a meal does too, but for some reason I just want to down these things.  I only drank about half of it.  I am already questioning how long I am going to do this for.

Snack time!  This has been the best part of my food day so far.  Turkey meat and whole grain crackers.

Dinner time had me tempted to already give up on this since I was making my husband a steak, but I had my green smoothie.  I even color coordinated my straw.  This one was probably my favorite tasting smoothie, but it was not cold enough.  As with the first two, I only drank half when I decided I had enough. 
Green Smoothie:
Fat free milk
Chia seeds

The half smoothie did not fill me up for dinner so I had more crackers and turkey.  Then for my official snack later in the evening I had popcorn.  I had a little bit extra for snacks, but I think it evened out because I only drank half of each smoothie. 
I have to say this day was a struggle.  I worked from home today so I did not have much to distract me as I do in my usual day at work running I thought about food all day.  Since it was snowing and raining all day, and I worked from home, I did not get near the 10,000 steps in.  I only did in the mid 3,000's. 
Right now I am not feeling like I will get through five days of this, but we will see!

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