Friday, March 1, 2013

Weight Watchers Week # 8

This week was a mixed bag.  I did not track and was off track part of the week and then pulled it together at the end for a 0.8 pound loss.  I admit, I did think of skipping the meeting this week and giving up, but I re-motivated myself.  My pants are all fitting better which is nice, but the vacation is far enough away that my motivation is waning.  I know once the vacation gets closer that I will start getting frantic. I have just bounced around the last 3 or 4 weeks with no real progress.  The key is I need to stop cooking/baking for other people, which is no fun, but I make yummy food for other people for various reasons and then I end up tasting and eating the same thing.  I am going to set a new small goal that I get to 10 pounds in the next two weeks. 

Week -0.8
Total -7.8

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