Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The TV Hiatus

Why do TV shows go on "hiatus" so often?  It really ruins the flow of a show. 

They only work part of the year to start with and then two or three times a year there is a month or so break.  I don't get these kinds of breaks so why should they?  I am lucky to get 5 weeks vacation a year but it is a struggle to get it all in because nobody does my work while I am gone so I usually end up working extra late nights and weekends before and after a vacation to make up for it.  Oh and I can only take one week at a time.  What I would give to be able to take two or three weeks off at once!  Only twice since I started working after college have I had a two weeks off.  The first time was for when I got married (10 years ago) and the second time was when I was in between jobs and moving from CA to VA (8.5 yeas ago).  So although I had two weeks off, packing and moving was not much of a vacation. 

I wonder if TV shows lose viewers who do not come back after a hiatus?  I would much prefer a shortened season that goes straight through.  Even on holidays...we all have DVR's now so we won't miss it.


Laura said...

TV shows never used to do this!

Patrice said...

I know, right? Now we pay more than ever for TV as well and I'm not sure what we are getting sometimes.