Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weight Watchers Week # 12

Again, I should not really name this post Weight Watchers since I did not do the plan this week.  My few days on the smoothie diet helped jump start me back into my diet though.  I lost 3.2 pounds!  And that all came off the first two days of the smoothie diet. 

I am on week 12 which means I should be down 12 pounds, but I am not.  I behind.  Right now I am down 8.4.  My vacation is six weeks away so it is not possible for me to reach my goal weight by then.  Almost 12 more pounds in six weeks is not going to happen when it has taken me 12 weeks to lose 8...although the last month or so I have stalled/gained. 

My revised goal for the next six weeks is to lose five pounds.  That should be enough for me to fit in my sundresses for the trip. 

I got way off track there for a while, but I the smoothie jump start helped me get my head back in the game. 

Week -3.2
Total -8.4