Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Smoothie Diet Day # 2

I think I know now how baby birds feel.  Drinking smoothies is like having someone chew up your
food for you.  Or maybe like baby food.  At least now I know what to do if I ever have major dental work and cannot chew. 

If you read yesterday's post, you know I am not loving this.  The only thing that kept me going for day two was that the scale rewarded me this morning!  I needed to make the smoothies more appealing to my taste buds though so I started playing with the recipes. 

For the white smoothie I used a pear instead of an apple, frozen banana, nonfat plain yogurt rather than greek, nonfat milk, and water.  I was supposed to include raw nuts as a healthy fat, but did not want them in my smoothie so I ate the almonds separately.  This worked out much better than yesterday mainly because the extra liquid made it more drinkable.  I also started using an extra large straw as well so I could do something else with my morning besides drinking a smoothie.

I still needed a snack though so I had a piece of string cheese and a mandarin orange in the late morning.  BTW...I have been addicted to mandarin oranges lately.

The red smoothie for lunch went better as well because I again added more liquid and used a bigger straw.  Today I did raspberries, blueberries, nonfat yogurt, nonfat milk, protein powder and chia seeds.  I drank it all!  I'm two for two at this point.

Hungry, really hungry.  I need to find something better to do for lunch because these red smoothies do not cut it.  It's basically fruit and protein powder which is not keeping me full so I try to stretch out my snacks to keep me full through the afternoon.  I added more fruit too.  I had some crackers, turkey, an apples and two mandarin oranges.  I grazed all afternoon.  I think I'm going to eat a real lunch tomorrow.

For dinner it was green smoothie time.  Feeling confident, I use spinach, apple, nonfat yogurt, nonfat milk, and grapes.  Let's just say I'm now two for three.  This was way too thick and apple-y.  I ran out of pears so I used an apple, which just did not work.  I'm done with apples in smoothies and need to stock up on pears instead.  I only drank half of the smoothie and then had a few pistachios for my healthy fat.  I was surprisingly full though from what I did have because it was so thick.  I also had some carrots and tomatoes as an appetizer because the smoothies do not have many veggies and I usually eat a veggie tray each night before dinner. 

After dinner I went to the store to stock up on more fruit to try different kinds of smoothies tomorrow.  I forgot the popcorn though!  Popcorn is my evening snack of choice because it is crunchy and takes a long time to eat.  I had some soy nuts for a snack instead. 

Overall I am snacking way too much.  I am following the rules though of having protein and fat in each snack, but I had way too many snacks today.  I definitely need something more substantial for lunch tomorrow.  I am not craving any sweets, probably due to the insane amount of fruit I'm eating, but I want meat!  I was practically drooling at my husband's dinner.  I'm having little bit of turkey each day, but that is all for meat.  I can't say I'm feeling any better yet, in fact, all this fiber is making me incredibly bloated and I look like I'm about four months pregnant. 

I think I'm learning some good things about how to put together a healthy meal, but I am not understanding the point of putting it all in a blender.  Having fruit, yogurt and nuts for breakfast sounds great!  A spinach salad for dinner with some lean protein (shrimp or chicken), balsamic vinaigrette, and crushed nuts would be divine.  

On to day 3....