Saturday, January 5, 2013

It All Started With a Big Bang!

My husband and I keep getting hooked on TV shows that are years old and then become obsessed watching them...sometimes hours in a day.  Our current obsession is The Big Bang Theory.  It took watching a few episodes to get to know the characters and now I love them all....especially Sheldon.  It is on practically every day, sometimes up to five times a day, so although we are not watching in order, we have seen quite a few of them already.  I like that it's not a group of ridiculously good looking people pretending to be normal.  They are geeks/nerds and want to stay that way.  True, they like pretty girls (except the asexual Sheldon of course), but so do most boys. 

Before The Big Bang Theory it was Bar Rescue which is a show about a guy who tries to help failing bars become profitable.  I especially liked this one because I have been saying for years how I want to be a bartender and own a bar.  I've even thought of using vacation time to go to bartending school just for fun.  Unfortunately this show has not had too many episodes so I got through them all pretty quickly.

Storage Wars was before that, a show about people buying abandoned storage units at auction.  The original which takes place in southern California, not the Texas or New York version.  I think part of the reason we liked it so much was because it takes place in the area we are from so it was fun to hear how they would describe the towns at the beginning of each episode.  Barry was our favorite character, but we eventually gave up on the show because it was the same thing over and over and the characters started being pretty mean to each other.

There have been others before these and I am sure there will be more to come.  Any shows you think I should check out?  I have heard good things about Downtown Abbey so I might try that one next. 

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Laura said...

I just watched all of season 1 of Girls in two days. I recommend it if you have HBO. I also want to start downtown Abby. I've also heard good things about Homeland.