Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pay It Forward

Someone on Facebook recently posted something about random acts of kindness and paying it forward.  I have a couple times been on the receiving end of random acts of kindness and it sure does feel good.  I try to be kind to others, but I know I can do more.  Doing things for strangers sometimes makes people uncomfortable unfortunately. I once tried to help an elderly woman put her groceries in her car, but she declined me. I understand that though since we have learned that so many people are just out to hurt others and benefit themselves.

Here is the Facebook post:
2013 Creative Pay It Forward! The first 5 people to respond to this post will receive something from me during 2013. A gift - a book, maybe some baked goods, perhaps something crafty, a surprise! There will be no warning. It will be done when the mood strikes and will be a surprise. The catch? Those 5 people must also post this on FB and do the same.
I quickly responded to it from the person I saw post it thinking the 5 spots would go fast, but they did not.  I posted it  on Friday and I have 3 people so far.  I guess it's not really a random act of kindness if you ask people to do the same.  Either way, it will feel good to do nice things for others. Someone once reminded me that you do not need to do grand things to be kind, sometimes just smiling at someone is enough to make their day. 

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