Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Cat...The Dog

I have always said my cats are part dog and the chart below proves it! 
Manny LOVES having his belly rubbed. He even lifts his leg and asks for it sometimes...he finds it soothing. In fact, you can pet my cats anywhere and they vary from loving it to tolerating it. The face/head/chin and the base of the tail are very very popular though. Manny loves a good scratching on his hind quarters too. The feet are not so popular, but they tolerate it.

Now Minky takes the dog thing to a new level.  He is a trash digger and is obsessed with food.  When he first started opening the cabinet door and digging through the trash, he was very focused and we found it amusing.  All he wanted was the wet food can.  He would surgically remove the can from the trash and lick the can clean.  He was not good at closing the cabinet door behind himself though.  Then this eventually evolved into the the contents of the trash ending up on the kitchen floor every morning.  I had to be really careful what to put in the kitchen trash because he would dig for it so I was making multiple trips a day to the garage trash can.  This eventually got to be too much and we now have a child proof lock on the cabinet...because of the cat.  Every time I try to open the cabinet door and I forget about the lock, I curse Minky's name!  I also cannot leave any food on the counter over night because he will either knock it on the floor or chew through the package.  He can even chew through the dry cat food bag...

Oh, and let's not forget the drinking out of the toilet.

I thought cats were a little more civilized than this, but they are really scoundrels at heart...who like a good belly rub.

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