Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Holiday Hangover

What is it about the end of the holidays that leaves me feeling down?  Call it a holiday hangover or the post holiday blues.  Whatever it is, it sucks.  Today is my first day back at work after eleven days off.  It was nice to have a break, but getting up early and wearing something other than lounge pants was a downer.  For some reason my pants don’t fit me like they did before the holidays either!  I’m going to start Weight Watchers, again, tomorrow.  The weather doesn’t help.  It’s been grey and cold.
Yesterday I took down all the Christmas decorations.  It was particularly sad to me because my cats love the Christmas tree and we just recently learned that one of them is very sick and likely won’t see another Christmas.  His meds are helping him feel better though and he sat in a pile of tissue paper and played with an ornament while I put everything away.  I was happy to see him having fun though.
 My cure for this is to start planning vacations to warm and exciting places!  What do you do to beat the post holiday blues?


Laura said...

Did you end up getting his meds compounded? How is he feeling?

Patrice said...

Laura - My vet has a similar place they use and called in 2 of the meds yesterday to be made into treats so we'll see how he does when they arrive. They didn't want to get all 6 meds like I wanted because they didn't want me to spend a bunch of $ if he didn't like the treats. He is doing much better though since he started pimobendan and lasix, they seemed to make him feel much better and now he is more social, active and eats all his meals! He's still got a crazy fast heart rate but he seems much happier.

Laura said...

If he doesn't like the treats, try BCP. My cat refused another's pharmacys treats but loved BCP. They'll send out samples to your vet of different flavors to see which one he likes as well. The samples have no medicine in them.