Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weight Watchers Week # 4

Even Steven.  I weigh exactly the same amount as last week.  I did get off track over the weekend because I took a cooking class on making Asian dumplings...which I sampled of course!  Plus, I was hungry since the class was over lunch time so unfortunately that put me off course for the entire weekend.  I got back on track on Monday though and still feel good about the week.  I'm am trying to avoid my usual "all or nothing" mentality.  In the past when I would mess up, I would just say screw it and REALLY eat a lot.  Not this time, I got back to plan pretty quickly. 

I do have some challenges coming up.  This weekend, of course, is the Super Bowl and my husband's team is in it so we will definitely be watching.  Then in two weeks is my birthday which I normally celebrate with food.  I am planning on celebrating with sushi though so that is better than many other options.  And I have not written about it yet (posts still in the works) but I am obsessed with making cupcakes lately and all I want to do on the weekends is make more cupcakes.  I usually find someone to give them to but I need to taste before giving them away... 

I have moved up my 20 pound goal from 20 weeks to 18 weeks because I booked a vacation to St. John in May and want to be at my goal weight by then. 

Here are the totals:
Week: 0
Overall: -5.2

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